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Learn how we became at the forefront of producing pistachios trees.

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In 1984 Bert and Angie Hayes purchased their 404HA wheat and sheep property, affectionately referred to as “the farm” and soon after commenced improvement including planting a large number of farm trees on the property.

Tree Nursery

This constituted the search for a tree that could withstand the harsh climatic conditions that exist in the West Australian Wheatbelt and also had the potential to provide income.
After much research and a Tree Crop Course at The Bentley Technical College, they settled on the pistachio nut tree. However as there was very little information and assistance available in Western Australia - it was a long hard road getting started with some disappointments and set-backs in their first few years.

As with all success stories involving hard work and determination, today the Hayes’ have developed a pistachio tree nursery supplying grafted trees to growers and retail nurseries.

After more than 20 years of dedicated work building up their pistachio business, Bert and Angie have now retired.

WA Pistachio Tree Nursery is now run by their daughter Donna and son in law Stephen on their property between Boyup Brook and Arthur River. Bert and Angie still remain involved as consultants.

The Pistachio tree is well suited to parts of the Western Australia climate, where hot summers are contrasted with cold and frosty winters.

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