We supply quantities from a single tree to a full commerial orchard.

Prices and packages vary by quantity.

We can also assist in orchard layout and number of male pollinaters required.

A popular package is "THE SMALL FARM PACK" which consists of eight female trees and two male pollinaters which is ideally suited to the hobby farmer or small land owner.

We currently have a 3 year waiting list for trees, so please contact us to secure your order.

Pistachio nuts (Pistachio vera) grow on small to medium sized deciduous trees. Male and female trees are required to enable pollination. The pollen is carried by the wind from male to female flowers.

Growing pistachio nuts is well suited to the temperate Western Australian climate. They are a hardy tree that do well where winters are cold and summers hot and dry. Pistachio trees need a cold, frosty winter so as to flower properly and allow the nuts to set. They will grow in most sunny places (other than in some mild coastal areas). They are frost hardy and very tolerant of hot summers.

We also post bare-rooted trees interstate during the winter months when the trees are dormant. Contact us today for advice, ideas, prices and to secure your order.

Small Farm Pack

Currently stock is limited, therefore a waiting list may apply.
Please contact us now to secure your order.

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